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Shiwai Jiantang:
Shiwai Jiantang is located in northern mountainous Jiantang Village, Anbo Town, Pulandian, Dalian, 165 km away from Dalian City, covering a total land area of about 1.2 m2.
The project aims to create a dimensional countryside hot spring holiday resort integrated health and leisure, sports and other multi-dimensional business solutions. The project will build up a small healthcare and holiday town consists of a 360 ° resort system and high-end holiday villa including Chuanqi Spa Hotel, Equestrian Club, Wine estates, organic eco-farm, native wetlands, mountain trails and specialty commercial street.
The location has convenient transportation and rich tourism resources. The project is surrounded by grass and luxuriant trees, and the scenery is attractive. You will find Gaizhou Forest Park and Qianshan Mountains to the North, Anbo Hot Spring Resort, Qidaofang Reservoir, Daoshigou Hunting Field and Bao’en Temple to the South, Bingyugou called as “Little Guilin in Southern Liaoning“ to the East, and Xianyu Bay to the West. Biliuhe Reservoir is right nearby, and the regional tourism resource is rich.
Multi-dimensional development model and the development concept of combinating "healthcare", "living” and “industry“ can realize a perfect vacation valley functional system. Healthcare type experience projects are developed base on hot spring. The resort has 4 automatic flowing hot springs with a volume of nearly 3,000 tons each day. The luxury, rustic and private customized vacation residence products reproduce the original ancient architectures. Holiday services, business services and residential services are of high quality and contain unlimited commercial value.
As the primary healthcare and vacation resort developed by Liang Yun, Shiwai Jiantang will be most creative and become No 1. Four Season Spa in North China, relying on the rare hot spring resource and a multi-service system covering high-quality products, full healthcare services, leisure, investment and financing.

Liang Yun Chuanqi Spa Hotel:
As the auxiliary project to Shiwai Jiantang, the Hotel covers an area of approximately 60,000 m2 including building area of about 11,000 M2. It consists of 25 detached villas and central clubs. Chuanqi is committed to providing people with a healthier and more private living resort. It is not only a luxury spa courtyard-style villa hotel, but also a private and quiet spa town. Unique architectural styles, such as Southeast Asian style and Chinese Caotang, make the hotel different from the hotels offering monotony visual experience. The central clubs set up international standard conference centers to meet business needs. Restaurant, SPA club, squash court, video hall and other leisure entertainment facilities can satisfy all your needs. It brings you to a journey of pressure release and spiritual regression. The quality pursued by Chuanqi is not a fake legend, but a real miracle. The product synchronizes with global luxury holiday templates, and aims at creating the global top private property in Northern China. Chuanqi also pursues high standard 5C Services Courtoisie, Charme, Caractère, Calme and Cuisine, getting rid of fatigue and bondage and redefining a new holiday life.

Tangxi Villa:
As the first piece of Shiwai Jiantang, Tangxi Villa is customized to customers. It perfectly integrates courtyard concept and garden environment. Natural hot spring water is straightly introduced to each household. It is a greatly rare domestic private property.
The project covers approximately 95,002.7 m2, composed of self-constructed building zone and customized zone according to different needs. There are 60 plots of self-constructed building lands available for sale soon.
From ancient times, customization has been a symbol of important status. In Tangxi Villa, it will not be an extravagant request to design and built according to one’s own ideas. Here, you are away from the urban hustle and bustle and you can feel the quietness of countryside without rush and anxiety, and you will enjoy a slow and luxury vacation.

Shiwai Racecourse:
Shiwai Racecourse is located south of Jiantang River and facing towards Chuanqi Hotel at the other side of the river. The project plans to construct senior clubs, horse stables and indoor and outdoor racecourses and sand fields as well as wild ride area.
Speed racetrack consists of racing track, training track and field grassland. Racing track is 1,600 m sandy track. In addition, there is entrance landscape sculpture, parking, indoor stadiums and other related ancillary facilities.
As a high-end leisure facility auxiliary to Jiantang Project, this project is committed to make full use of the natural terrain and the existing conditions and integrate with the surrounding environment to construct the area to be a versatile professional sports venue group focusing on carrying out professional equestrian sports competitions and training and recreational activities centered on humanity and horse culture visual conception according to habits of horses and characteristics of equestrian sports. The project will build the domestic first-class horse cultural exchanges and equestrian leisure sports center taking equestrian training, horse racing and wild ride as the core and takes the functions such as horse breeding as the supplement.