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Grain chain

Grain supply chain management:

Liang Yun’s traditional grain business segment is the most professional unprocessed grain supply chain service provider owning online e-commerce and off-line supply chain entity services. It is China's first fully functional and completely arranged private grain enterprise ranking among top ones in scale.
Grain online trading platform: Dalian Northern National Grain Trading Market was established in 1998 as a wholly owned enterprise of Liang Yun. It is a State-level professional grain trading market engaged in grain and oil trading, information dissemination and integrated services. Since its establishment, it has realized grain trading of 40 million tons accumulatively and turnover of 50 billion Yuan, ranking one of the highest in the nation's grain wholesale market. It was one of the eight first national grain wholesale markets established with the confirmation of National Grain Authority and member of China Grain Industry Association Wholesale Market Branch.
In October 2009, Dalian State Grain Trading Center was established on the basis of Dalian Northern Grain Trading Market with confirmation of Liaoning Provincial People's Government and the approval of National Grain Authority. The center is the only State-level grain trading center of private nature in China, and provides customers with value-added supply chain services involving online transaction, financing and logistics.